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Sustainably scaling a business comes with a big portion of self-development.


How do you feel and act when you can hardly keep up with the speed of events?  How do you manage uncertainty, challenges, and the never-ending pressure? How do you stay balanced during the many well-known highs and lows of entrepreneurship? How do you build a high-performing team?

Performance coaching focuses on giving you simple yet effective tools to be a resilient, relaxed, focused, and inspiring team leader and leader in your industry.


We provide mental and practical frameworks, systems, and tools to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and leadership. No-nonsense, straight-to-the point and hands-on.

Performance coaching as driver for sustainable business growth

Real growth starts with


Coaching services

Performance coaching as a way to drive transformative change

Coachig services

If you are a founder or business owner who wants to realize your full potential as a leader, avoid the many startup pitfalls, live an extraordinary life, and leave the world better than you found it, then this is for you!


You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with.

What if you weekly spend time with people who are aiming to be the best of the best?

And you get 20+ years experience in leadership and high-peformance?


You have big goals and you want to get there fast.

Together we set crystal clear goals , define the path towards those goals and week after week I'm your guide, sparring partner and critical questionair. 


Sometimes one call is enough to get you back on track.


You'll get a warm welcome in our office in Ghent, or a video call if that's what you prefer.

Growth Call


For who is this?

You are an entrepreneur or business owner, and you are facing a challenge; though decisions have to be made, you question whether you are on the right path or you want an independent sparring partner who's able to ask you the right questions. Then this is for you.

For one up to 2 hours I'm all yours. Undivided attention and sharp questions or a listening ear. You decide.

How does it work?

Book your call here. Answer the questions in the booking form and decide if you want a video call or prefer a face-to-face meeting in Ghent. You choose. You are most welcome. Coaching is possible in English and Dutch.


For who is this?

You are an entrepreneur or business owner on a mission. You have a clear vision of where you are heading, but the real challenge is remaining focused on what matters and becoming the person you need to be to achieve your goals.

You have no time to waste. You want to get the personal support and guidance you need when needed. You are looking for someone you can trust who keeps you accountable and is your sparring partner and critical or supportive guide. Someone who has only one thing on the agenda: your success.

What is it?

It is a partnership. Together, we set crystal clear goals at the start of our journey. Week after week, I challenge you to define the next step that brings you closer to your goal. I challenge your beliefs, stories, convictions and the many ways your mind wants to trick you into solutions and actions that might not be the best way to move forward.

What's included?

  • Deep-dive 

  • Weekly 60' coaching call for a minimum period of 3 consecutive months.

  • Every quarter, a deep-dive session to evaluate the past quarter and prepare for the next quarter

How does it work?

It all starts with a simple call (or a face-to-face meeting) where we get to know each other and find out if this is a match. This is not for everyone; this way of working together requires a high level of commitment. Want to find out if this is for you? Book your call; it is free of charge, and there are no obligations. I coach in English and Dutch.

Personal 1:1 coaching


IMG_5973 4.jpg

Hi and welcome!


I'm Els, founder of Thriving Founders and high-performance coach.


After I studied arts, my first job in a fast-scaling tech company changed the course of my life and my career.

In art, I was constantly on the lookout to remove anything non-essential during an iterative process of trial and error and I quickly realised that this is exactly what a fast-scaling company is supposed to do:
Focus on what matters and ruthlessly remove what's not.

A personal event in 2004 changed who I was to the core and made me obsessed with discovering how to be extremely effective. An immunity deficiency that had a massive impact on my overall health and energy. For many years, it set me on a path of self-discovery and self-improvement in a wide range of areas: Mindset, bio-hacking, trauma healing, breath- and bodywork, but also a wide range of tools, systems and frameworks to improve productivity, focus and overall effectiveness.

Later in my career as COO, I discovered that despite having a mission, vision, solid strategy, and a wealth of engineering and operational knowledge, there was one single thing that made all the difference in achieving success, and that was leadership.

Learning to be a thriving, resilient and inspiring leader isn't easy but incredibly rewarding. When you lead people, investing in yourself is not optional; it is a must. I've witnessed firsthand the havoc bad leadership causes to companies and people. This is my why and drives me every second of the day to do this work.

Leadership might be a fuzzy word, but the difference between average and great leadership impacts everything: your customers, your team, your network and, not to forget, yourself and everyone around you.

The world is changing faster than ever. Your mission is important.

Your ability to lead will eventually make all the difference in bringing your mission to life.

Without burning yourself or your team.

You own this to yourself and the world.

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Who am I?
Growth membership
Personal 1:1 coaching



Become part of the coolest, most inspiring community of like-minded entrepreneurs and hit your targets with grace and ease.

Special offer during the month of February!!

Start now and get your first month for only € 250. Only valid for the first 10 members who join!

Why this membership?

We want to bring you the practical and mental tools, frameworks, and a supportive community to help you and your businesses thrive. At the same time, we provide a platform where entrepreneurs can get support and coaching when they need it most.

The easy-peasy membership concept

With this concept, we help you set crystal-clear goals for the upcoming quarter, keep you accountable week after week for the actions you committed to and coach you on what you need when you need it. Nothing more, nothing less. 

✅  Weekly result-driven coaching sessions with a group of peers

✅  1:1 accountability

✅  The coolest network of fabulous entrepreneurs

✅  Grow and have fun together

✅  Thriving community to support each other's goals

Is this for you?

✅  You are one of the founders or leading a business with a team of 2-50 people.

✅  Your business is growing, and more growth is on the horizon.

✅  You are looking for practical and mental frameworks to handle the challenges of scaling your business and team.

✅  You are looking for someone who keeps you accountable, week after week (though love, pinkie promise)

✅  You are looking for a thriving, supportive community that is there for you along the way.

✅  You are positive, open-minded and ready to learn and grow as an entrepreneur and a person.

✅  You are ready for personal growth training via the most accessible program ever.

What results can you expect?

✅  More freedom of time and peace of mind.

✅  A team that takes ownership and has a high level of integrity

✅  A network of like-minded entrepreneurs who like to pay it forward

✅  Cutting-edge insights and tools to help you thrive without spending hours or days learning and searching. We deliver it bite-size to you.

✅  A place where you grow as a person, an entrepreneur and a leader.

✅  Be part of a community that roots for you, lifts you and supports you when you need it most.

✅  We keep you accountable and give you the tools you need to make bold steps

What's included?

✅  Personal roadmap to achieve your quarterly & yearly goals

​✅  Bi-weekly Q&A group coaching session - free entry, not mandatory

✅  Weekly 1:1 accountability check-ins via chat

✅  Weekly video assignment with personalised feedback


✅  Monthly membership fee: € 475. 

✅  Trial period of 30 days. After this, we ask for a commitment for a minimum of 3 months. (that's the minimum period for you to see results)

✅  As we focus on building a unique, enthusiastic community, you get 1 month for free for every new member you bring along who signs up for a year.

Not sure if this is for you? Let's hop on a call. We're happy to answer all the questions you have!

what clients say

The coaching process with Els was rock-solid and offered the perfect balance between mild understanding on the one hand and confrontation on the other.


 Thanks to the coaching I finally managed to let go of the details more and regain the team's trust. It allowed me to rediscover the essence of my job as COO.


Throughout the process, Els always had an eye for the dynamics within a team and the interests of the individuals. The empathy she combines with professionalism makes her a confidant after just one session.”


Florence Dusart

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-31 om 15.10.44.
Ann Pauwelijn

Els reached out to me with some tools and insights that I work with on a daily basis.
They are not complicated systems, but they do have a big impact on my work. 

These are my tools, especially at very busy times and when I experience a lot of stress. 
Now, I think and act differently, and this makes me work with more focus. 
Els does this in a professional, non-coercive, but stimulating way.

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